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Apocalypse Waist Land
This Demo started out as a Apocalyptic Survival Game. Have fun investigating the city by day and night. There are many things to find around the city including a Police car. You must get to a fuel station to refuel it as soon as possible. There are 2 stations but only 1 has any fuel left. I also have 2 enemy NPC but if you shoot they will respond. The main NPC uses a Node Path following system I developed and the other NPC follows it. I would like to give credit to Shadmar who provided the shader for the car head lites. It is not complete and many systems don't exist.

All games and Demos are for PC

HuntSpace 3D

Any questions about the downloads please email me or contact me on the forum.
I have established this website as a place for me to share some if my asset. if anyone else would like to share please email me and I will return an email explaining how. Any asset may be in the form of skinkmesh, rigidbody, scripts or shader scripts, demo's games etc.